Central Park

In the summer of 2015 I lived in New York City and spent a lot of time in Central Park. I originally went to the park seeking an escape for the dense and overwhelming urban landscape, but what I found was a landscape no less dense or alive. The park teems with activity, both organic and planned, day and night. For me, Central Park provided and escape from the concrete and trash lined streets; I could appreciate the entirely human energy of New York while also participating in a natural history that stretches back long before the urbanization and industrialization of Manhattan. This is a "Sense of Place" exercise in Central Park with a focus on the interplay of man-made and natural elements of the park.

Shot on Sony NEX 100

Holterholm Farm & Dairy

A "Sense of Place" exercise at Holterholm Farm & Dairy in Frederick Co. MD

Shot on Canon c300

McLean Contracting

A "Sense of Place" exercise at McLean Contracting on the Chesapeake Bay

Shot on JVC HM700